Profil Dewa 19

Profil Dewa 19

Dewa 19 was formed in 1986 in Surabaya, with their acronym name Dhani Ahmad Prasetyo (Keyboard, vocal), Erwin Prasetya (Bass), Wawan Juniarso (Drum), and ANDRA Ramadan (Guitar). Dewa 19 has changed its name several times, and several times the personnel turnover, and personelnya at this time is:
  • Ahmad Dhani (keyboard, gitar)
  • Andra Junaidi (gitar)
  • Elfonda Mekel – Once (vokalis)
  • Yuke Sampurna (bass)
  • Agung Yudha (drummer)

Dewa 19 picture

The first Dewa 19 album titled Kangen (1993) success in the market to acquire BASF award category for Best New Immigrants and Album in demand in 1993.

In journey, Dewa 19 also experienced problems with drugs. As a result two personelnya Ari lasso and Erwin Prasetya dependence and the need to undergo rehabilitation, while Ari lasso its position as the vocalist had to be replaced once. Position when the drummer iru blank filled by Tyo Nugros.

List of Dewa 19 albums:
1992 – Dewa 19
1994 – Format Masa Depan
1995 – Terbaik Terbaik 1997 – Pandawa Lima
1999 – The Best Of Dewa 19
2000 – Bintang Lima
2002 – Cintailah Cinta
2004 – Laskar Cinta
2006 – Republik Cinta
2007 – Kerajaan Cinta
2008 – The Best of Republik Cinta Vol. 1

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